Burlington Parks and Recreation adopts BACG - 1987

 BACG History Post #61

Maggie Leugers wasted no time digging into her new role as the Burlington Parks and Recreation liaison for Burlington Area Community Gardens.

"Maggie was competent, fun, and she got things done," remembered Charlie Nardozzi, who served on the BACG advisory board.

"I loved recreation, from infancy through seniors," said Leugers. "I learned by doing how to run solid programs."

Leugers administered summer recreation programs reaching underserved groups and neighborhoods, as illustrated by a Rutland Herald article published on June 29, 1987.

BACG was one of many recreation offerings that Leugers took under her wing, from summer camps to after school programs to athletics. A consummate networker, she made connections with people and organizations across the city. 

"There was a learning curve for me with community gardens," said Leugers. "Thank heavens for the BACG board, which helped the transition to go smoothly."

Former BACG administrative assistant Megan Humphrey also pitched in to offer assistance.

"Megan worked with the city after school program as an artist," remembered Leugers. "I later found out that she was involved with community gardening. I used to meet with Megan at her home to do the layout and design for the BACG registration brochure."

Leugers worked with volunteer site coordinators on site logistics. Burlington Parks and Recreation contracted with Cornelius Reed, Jr. of Essex Junction to do spring tilling and fall plowing of garden sites. Leugers provided site maps to Reed. Site coordinators called Reed when they felt that their site was ready.

Burlington Parks division staff turned on the water at garden sites in the spring and blew out the water lines at the end of the season. Leugers worked closely with Bill Rasch, who was a master plumber, to make sure that water lines were maintained and to quickly fix occasional leaks.

"As the community gardens became more respected, they became part of the the fabric of the Parks and Recreation Department," said Leugers. "Everyone knew the timelines."