Gardens for All Ad Campaign - 1972

BACG History Post #4

Gardens for All ad campaign - 1972
Lyman Wood was one of the first leaders to develop the “not for profit only” mission-oriented concept of doing business. Profits from roto-tillers and Garden Way carts were put back into ventures to make the world a better place.

The Gardens for All campaign launched in February 1972. Saturation ads were placed liberally in the Burlington Free Press and a host of weekly newspapers. Dick Raymond was a key figure in the program, providing horticultural assistance and gardening lectures.

The ad campaign intended to attract prospective gardeners with no land of their own and match them with experienced garden coaches. The focus was on the priceless joy and satisfaction of growing your own fresh, delicious, and healthy vegetables. 

Garden coaches helped to prepare the land for gardening. He or she was expected to work with a gardener for a year and then work themselves out of a job.