Community gardens poised to peak - 1976

 BACG History Post #18

Gardens for All Gallup Survey - 1976
Gardens for All relied on systematic data gathering to identify trends and plan strategy at the local, state, and national levels.   

From July to October, 1975, Gardens for All commissioned the Gallup organization to conduct a national sample of 3,000 men and women, 18 years of age and older.

From the survey results, Gardens for All estimated that more than 35 million households were involved in vegetable gardening during the 1975 season.  

Gardens for All projected that 51% of U.S. households planned to vegetable garden during the 1976 season. 

This represented the highest percentage of households growing their own food since the Victory Garden years of WWII.

The Gallup Survey was used to build public support for GFA's local, state, and national initiatives. Several key issues were identified:

1) Gardens were more common among higher income people than lower income people.

2) Non-white people were less likely to have a vegetable garden than white people. 

3) More people would grow their own food if more public and private land were to become available for community gardens.

The January 26, 1976 Burlington Free Press article shares the survey findings. Please click the image above to enlarge for viewing.